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        ABOUT US
        Brand introduction

        Sammy’s was founded in 1961, originated from France,is the only wood work factory approved by both AWI&WI certifications in USA. With a brand history of nearly 60 years, Sammy’s has committed to create top quality and textured cabinetry by combining French design and American workmanship.

        Sammy’s has a professional service team of more than 10,000 people in the world, and has supply centers and service centers in many countries including the United States,Canada,France and China, with product in more than 100 countries and regions on 6 continents.Since its inception,Sammy’s has been leading the global home customization fashion trend with high-quality products ,high-grade design and high standard service,and occupied an indispensable place in the European and American home customization market.

        Sammy’s officially landed in Hong Kong,Macao and pearl river delta region in 1991, becoming the first imported brand introduce the kitchen culture of Europe and America into China. Since then,the whole kitchen concept of the pearl river delta region has been in a craze.In the nearly 30 years stationed in the Chinese market,Sammy’s won the “top ten brands of Chinese cabinets”award with its excellence craftsmanship concept and unique innovation design concept.Sincethen,Sammy’s has laid the status in Chinese home market. Sammy, is the common choice of the world’s high-end crowd.